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UBC Millwrights Keep Solar and Wind Industries Buzzing

The renewable energy industry is expanding at an incredibly rapid pace. In fact, industry analysts believe that solar power generators, alone, will produce most of the energy needed around the world within 50 years.

Potential abounds, from efficient, profitable operations for power producers to clean, sustainable energy for the North American public.

Turbine Worker

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters has the skilled millwrights to build the facilities, farms, panels, and towers needed to harness these unlimited natural resources. The UBC is aggressively working to ensure its millwrights are prepared to help employers leverage opportunities found in the North American energy industry.

Training, industry partnerships, and establishing relationships with key manufacturers gives UBC Millwrights a competitive advantage on jobsites, and positions UBC contractors as the best choice for the installation and maintenance of wind turbines and solar heating panels, as well as newer strategies such as small hydro, modern biomass, geothermal and biofuels.

UBC Renewable Energy Committee

The UBC Renewable Energy Committee facilitates the exchange of information across the United States and Canada in order to stay abreast of legislative, training, and marketing opportunities. The goal is to leverage a diverse group of professionals from both countries to establish a clearinghouse of market conditions and best practices in training for employers and union members. The committee tracks renewable energy initiatives in various stages of development all over North America, as well as issues being debated in state, provincial, and federal legislatures.

Solar Training

Thousands of skilled, qualified millwrights are ready for solar energy construction projects. To prepare for the demand, the UBC created industry-specific training to install solar arrays on new and existing commercial and residential buildings.

The Solar Installer Qualification course, taught at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, makes use of the UBC’s renowned “train the trainer” model so that standardized training is deployed at the hundreds of training facilities across the USA and Canada. The result: In-demand job skills are delivered to the jobsite ASAP.

The course focuses on concepts such as concentrated solar thermal, photovoltaic crystalline silicon and thin-film, and concentrated photovoltaic systems.