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Bulletin: Our Certified Rigger and Signaler Program is accredited! The certification exceeds all requirements for riggers and signalers in the USA and Canada. Learn More.

Fueling Productivity in the Power Generation Industry

The power generation industry relies on the work of experienced millwrights who work with precision and productivity, because staying competitive means completing outages on time, building quickly and correctly, and maintaining equipment with pinpoint accuracy.

UBC Millwrights are power generation industry experts with the experience to solve problems and complete tasks with superior skills.

UBC Millwrights are in demand for a diversity of power generation industries, including coal, gas, nuclear, and alternative-energy power plants such as wind and solar facilities.

Hiring a contractor who employs UBC Millwrights means:

  • Productivity. Our skills and experience keep your project on time and on budget.
  • Competitiveness. Tailor-made contracts and work schedules meet your project’s specifications.
  • Reliability. Disciplined crews arrive where, when, and for as long as they’re needed.
  • Accuracy. Certified specialists are trained in the latest products and techniques.
Millwrights at Work
  • Safety. Intense safety training helps create the safest possible work site.
  • Leadership. Foreman and superintendent training is available for solid jobsite leadership.
  • Professionalism. Union staff members are dedicated to making the project a success.

Quality Work via Quality Training

Training includes technical categories such as rigging and signaling, aerial lift, machinery alignment, optical alignment, forklifts, scaffolding, welding, and bolt tensioning. In addition, a full line of safety courses and qualifications are offered to our millwrights every year.


Starting with pre-project conferences to outline the scope of work, manpower needs and scheduling issues, our contractors keep lines of communication open throughout the life of the project. We also work to complete projects without production missing a beat by adjusting work schedules around peak production hours and scheduling shifts during non-typical work hours.