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Thousands of Solutions to the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Industry Manpower Shortage

The surge of oil and gas production along America’s Gulf Coast has also created a manpower shortage. Skilled millwrights to install and maintain mechanical operations critical to this industry’s success are in high demand–but in low numbers.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters anticipated this problem, and began planning and prepping to alleviate this current manpower shortage years ago. We have thousands of highly skilled, credentialed, professional millwrights ready to deploy. Each learned from the same standardized curriculum, so that travelers are just as skilled as local millwrights.

UBC Millwrights understand that their job is to keep a worksite operating smoothly and safely. They are trained, tested, and credentialed for work in oil refineries, chemical plants, gas pipelines, natural gas processing units and more.

Technical skills are honed and ready for exploration, development, drilling, production, and decommissioning projects. We are prepared to expertly install, construct, repair and maintain multi-million-dollar production and refinery equipment, such as stationary and industrial engines, compressors, and pumps.

Our reputation for excellence includes rigging and signaling, welding, alignment, and fabrications.

Oil and Gas Worker

This intense training has created leaders who promote a productive and safe worksite with their work ethic and positive attitude.

Training Spotlight: Compressors

At the Gulf Coast Millwright Training Center in Houston, a section of the 16,000 square feet of training space houses two reciprocating compressors. The 40-hour compressor training class covers every level of compressors: Basic knowledge of compressors and how they work, disassembly and problem diagnosis, and reassembly to exact specifications.

Oil and Gas Workers

Attracting and retaining manpower is now a primary business objective for production companies. By working with UBC Millwrights, you will avoid:

  • creating your own training program or vetting the qualifications of tech school programs
  • waiting for new training programs to produce graduates
  • spending resources for out-of-state or out-of-region workers
  • funding a menu of perks and incentives to keep existing employees
  • wondering if your crew will be productive and safe